Playing some Fantasy SportsThe most important part of your success in a fantasy sports league is the draft. Regardless of the sport, a good draft will bring you to the top of your league, and good strategy will keep you there until the end of the season. Almost every pro sport–and some collegiate sports–have online fantasy drafts. Major League Baseball, the National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, NASCAR, MMA, college basketball, college football, and the PGA all have become extremely popular over the last several years as far as fantasy sports go. You can play at many sites; some are free to register at, and some have pay leagues with cash prizes available. What you choose is up to you, but either way, you should be attempting to pick the best team to start out with in order to give yourself the best team possible right away. For money fantasy sports are legal in most of the United States, and it is a very nice alternative for some to betting at an online sports book.

Season Long Leagues

Once you’ve decided that you want to play in a fantasy league, you need to pick a site to play at. There are some big sites that have tons of leagues available, and some specialty sites with just a few. Depending upon the sport you wish to play, and whether you want to play with strangers or against friends, you will need to look around and find one that meets your needs. Some have cash games, others will force you to do this outside of the site, so keep this in mind, too.
Pick the Right Match
When it comes down to getting ready for your draft, be aware of the league scoring rules. By knowing which actions are worth most, you can look at past results and future projections and put together a wishlist of the players that will be the highest scorers for your league’s structure. Most of these will go early in the draft, so try and make your list pretty deep. You can always bet the old fashion as seen at, which will take all the fantasy out of it. This is just something to consdier, while pondering your draft. Depending upon the draft structure (snake versus salary cap auction), you will want to look at the prices of each player involved, too, just to make sure that your team can support having several stars on it.

Daily Fantasy Sports

In daily, or single day, leagues the draft is your one shot to win big. The problem that you will face with most leagues is that they are of a salary cap format, and that leads to each manager having the same player pool to use. In theory, every team could consist of the same players. Because everyone has the same salary and the same list of players to choose from, you need to be selective on which players you choose and how you flesh out each position. Creativity is necessary, but it needs to be informed creativity. By stretching your salary out and finding the best way to spread out your cash, you will be giving yourself an advantage because of the increased value you’ll be getting. Sites like, will give you more knowledge about the salary concept. Yes, some great players will be drafted by all, but if they are overpaying for that player, they are hurting themselves in other spots by having less cash available for talent elsewhere. By approaching this mathematically, you can avoid overspending and get the most fantasy point value per hypothetical draft dollar you are given.

Many people use one day leagues as a litmus test for which types of teams are most effective over the course of a season. This is definitely a good way to get more practice in, but one major issue is overlooked with this approach. Single day leagues have different scoring methods than season long leagues do. For this reason, you need to be careful when proceeding. The math skills that you will gain by drafting teams regularly, though, will definitely make all of your drafts easier in the future, which is a very good thing.

What Now

The draft is the most involved part of any fantasy league, and mastering it will get you many steps closer to dominating whatever fantasy sports league you are in. There are other skills that you will need to win, but this is the most important one and a vital place to start.