Daily fantasy leagues are a great way to show off your skills as a fantasy manager. The one day leagues are a great alternative to season long leagues because they reduce the commitment involved, and they boost your potential for winning money over the course of a season. An understanding of both sports statistics and applying them to the places where they will benefit your team the most. Unlike season long leagues, daily leagues take stats and assign them a point value. The team that has the highest point total at the end of the night wins. Some acts, like a homerun in MLB, or a block in the NBA, are high scoring acts, while others, like striking out, or throwing an interception, count as points against your team. A careful balancing of players with high point potential, plus a savvy for balancing your team’s salary budget will put you closer to the top of your league consistently, and give you a good chance of turning a profit if you choose to play for money.

Sites to Play At

There are two main sites out there for daily fantasy sports. FanDuel and DraftKings are very popular right now. And while they are not the only sites to play at, they are by far the most popular and trustworthy. These sites offer bonuses on your first deposit, and they have dozens of games to play on a nightly basis. The big six sports are offered at both: MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, as well as college basketball and football. There are minor differences between the two, and as you go, you may find that you have a preference for one or the other. This will likely be dependent upon what sports you will be playing fantasy leagues for, and what kind of scoring preference you have.
Get in the Action

Basic Strategy

There are a few prevalent strategies out there when it comes to drafting a winning fantasy team for a one day league. Right now, most one day league managers do not fully understand the concept of scoring versus value, though. One easy way to succeed is to master this concept right off the bat. For example, in an MLB league, each player is assigned a salary amount, and you have a set number of dollars you can spend. So, if you’re trying to draft a 15 player team with $60,000 and one player is priced at $9,000, then the rest of your team will suffer because you are spending a lot on that one star. If the value that the player you are drafting exceeds their price tag of $9,000, though, spending that little on them will actually be a cheap move. This can be figured out by looking at stats, projecting them out for the night in question, and then applying those projections to the expected fantasy point value. The final step looks at how many point per dollar you need to accumulate in order to finish in the money for your given game format. These are all easy to figure out on your own through observation, and there are also many online resources that attempt to keep up with trends in this area, too. In the end, though, a good knowledge of sports is necessary, but certainly not the only ingredient toward winning. This makes one day fantasy leagues a great place for the sports fan to hone their skills and become a better fantasy manager.